Jenny Åkerlund - Shift

Jenny åkerlund — Shift

Open Hours: September 17th - 23rd, 13:00 - 19:00
Closing reception: Friday, September 23rd, 18:00 - 20:00

会期 : 9月 17日 ~ 23日 : 13時から19時まで
クローズィングレセプション: 9月23日18時から20時まで

(* 19, 20日は休み - *closed 19th & 20th)

Goya Curtain is pleased to present Shift, a solo exhibition by Swedish artist Jenny Åkerlund. The exhibition is comprised of a selection of works revolving around aspects of reflection, transformation and depiction. Working with various media including drawing, video and installation Åkerlund uses disciplines like astronomy, physics and history as points of departure to investigate the impermanent character of the visible in different ways.

Goya Curtainではスウェーデン人アーティスト、ジェニー・オーケルンドによる個展「Shift」を開催いたします。本展示は反射、変形、描写という要素を軸に展開する作品群で構成されます。オーケルンドの作品は天文学、物理学、歴史などの分野を起点として、私たちの身の回りにある「見えるもの」がその時その時に見せる様々な特徴をドローイング、ビデオ、インスタレーションなどのメディアをとおして表現しています。

Jenny åkerlund — Shift, (0,0,0), 2016

Transmissions, 2012, Colored pencil and graphite powder on paper.
Transmissions consists of drawn reproductions of printouts, containing a selection of the first photographs
taken of the far side of the moon, 1959. For the exhibition at Goya Curtain one drawing from a series of four was included.

Jenny åkerlund — Shift, Installation View 1

Transmissions, installation view.

Jenny åkerlund — Shift, Installation View 2

Transmissions and Ugetsu, installation view.

Jenny åkerlund — Shift, Ugetsu

Ugetsu, 2015, HD video projected, black and white, sound. 11:40 min
The video depicts a night sky with a centred moon as the sole light source. The only visible motion in the video is cloud formations passing in front of the moon, during some sequences the surface is completely covered, resulting in a black/empty image.

Jenny åkerlund — Shift, (0,0,0), 2016, Glass, oil paint.

(0,0,0), 2016, Glass, oil paint.
(0,0,0), consists of three glass plates coated with the traditional black pigments Mars Black, Ivory Black and Lamp Black, resulting in surfaces with a visual resemblance to both the Claude glass, (which was used by artists and tourists to “hunt and frame” picturesque scenes, mainly during 18th century), and contemporary devices like the iphone, ipad etc.

Jenny åkerlund — Shift, (0,0,0), 2016

(0,0,0), 2016, Glass, oil paint. From left to right, Mars Black, Ivory Black and Lamp Black

About Jenny Åkerlund

Jenny Åkerlund (b.1984, Stockholm, Sweden) holds an MFA from Malmö Art Academy (2012), she has exhibited at Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, Pantin, Paris (FR), Galleri Tom Christoffersen, Copenhagen (DK), Galerie Jeanroch Dard, Paris (FR), Weatherspoon Art Museum, Greensboro (US), Galleri Arnstedt, Östra Karup (SE), and Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago (US), among others. She has been an artist in residence at Arts Initiative Tokyo (2014) and Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris (2016).


ジェニー・オーケルンド(1984年スウェーデン・ストックホルム生まれ)2012年Malmö Art AcademyにてMFA取得。過去の主な展示会実施会場として、Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac(フランス・パリ(パンタン))、Galleri Tom Christoffersen(デンマーク・コペンハーゲン)、Galerie Jeanroch Dard(フランス・パリ)、Weatherspoon Art Museum(アメリカ・グリーンズボロ)、Galleri Arnstedt(スウェーデン・エストラ・カーラップ)、Museum of Contemporary Photography(アメリカ・シカゴ)などが挙げられます。また、アーツイニシアティヴトウキョウ(2014年)、およびCité Internationale des Arts(2016年パリ)のレジデンス・プログラムに参加した経験があります。

With support by Iaspis - The Swedish Art Grants Committee's International program for Visual Artists