Al;Cu;Fe — Illustration by SuzuEri

Mark Sadgrove - Al;Cu;Fe

Live Performance: Sunday, March 27th. 4-7PM

Goya curtain is pleased to present Mark`s latest instruments and a performance, Al;Cu;Fe.

Gravity tensioned strings (2014)

Gravity tensioned strings (2014) Aluminium rod, steel fittings, steel + plastic machine heads, guitar strings.



We now have access to extraordinary machines for manufacturing, and cheap materials which can (in large cities at least) be obtained from department stores. Why, then, does it sometimes seem that hardware is being homogenized to a few form factors: the slim, seamless, round-cornered rectangle; The white oblong which could be a heater, a toaster, a refrigerator?The promise of steam punk which once seemed the inevitable future in an age of ever more empowered garden shed tinkerers seems to have been thwarted by the counter forces of CAD and injection moulding.

Tuning forks (2015)

Tuning forks (2015) Aluminium. Manufactured using a Roland computerized mill.

At Goya Curtain, Sadgrove will present several examples of a shoddier, more idiosyncratic future where cheap materials and cheaper skills collide to produce sound-making objects whose uniting aesthetic is expedience. Over the past decade, Sadgrove has produced a number of mechanical and electronic instruments made from just a few materials which are easy for an amateur to source and mill. Aluminium bodies, brass strings (straight out of a guitar string packet) and steel screws holding it all together. The work, such as it is, represents an amalgam of New Zealand-born garden shed tinkering with the casual access to materials only Tokyo can provide.

Assorted sound generating boxes

Assorted sound generating boxes (2007 - 2011) Principle materials: Aluminium cases, operational amplifiers, micro controllers, repurposed commercial electronics, plastic and steel fittings, copper wire.

Installation view

Aluminium guitar (2010) Aluminium body, steel machine heads, guitar strings. The hand wound pickup is functional but the piezo produces a louder sound. The guitar can be dismantled into three parts for transport. The robot hand is a later addition.

Auto guitar controller

Auto guitar controller (2008) Aluminium case, microcontroller, mosfet current switches, copper wire. and Auto guitar (2008) Aluminium body, steel machine heads, guitar strings, copper wound relays.

Aluminium guitar with robot hand

Aluminium guitar (2010) with robot hand

Feedback driven spring reverb

Feedback driven spring reverb (2012) Steel bowl, steel spring, steel fittings, piezos, copper wire.

About Mark Sadgrove

Born in 1978, and raised north of Auckland, New Zealand, Sadgrove allowed a childhood crush on elementary particle names to develop into a full-on relationship with Science. He currently finds himself being a passable Associate Professor in nanophotonics at Tohoku University in Sendai. While his machining skills have never advanced much past crude highschool metalwork, neither has his imagination atrophied in the intervening years, factors which shaped the objects to be displayed in Al;Cu;Fe.

Sadgrove installing Tuning forks.

Sadgrove installing Tuning forks.